Blackburn temporary sign experiment

In Blackburn, there is presently a major gas main renewal scheme taking place at a critical junction on the network. Instead of relying on the usual abysmal temporary information sign mounted on a 1050 x 750 frame, the traffic section have taken an unusual step and provided a slightly more useful sign that offers an … Continue reading Blackburn temporary sign experiment

The much missed “Z Bends” sign

Prior to the 1964 Regulations, a twisty road ahead was signed by an abstract representation of the road ahead curving around; it looked like a rotated Z. This sign was also well known across Europe, although they had largely abandoned it by the 1960s. A rare Panneaux Michelin showing a Z bend, from France. Picture … Continue reading The much missed “Z Bends” sign

Logical SEMMMS Antics*

*The punny title is the work of Johnathan Randall of Motorway Services Online. Blame him. As you may know if you follow the infrastructure news, the first piece of the A555  (SEMMMS, or MARR to use its Sunday title) extension jigsaw opened this week. This was the short re-alignment of the A6 at the eastern … Continue reading Logical SEMMMS Antics*

Private landowners and homemade signs

Note: some of the images in this article are taken from Motorway Services Online. This post is also a little tongue in cheek and a bit of a rant. You've been warned! One of the things that always causes me to chuckle, or in some cases want to rip my hair out, when out and … Continue reading Private landowners and homemade signs

Dynamic traffic signs

Disclaimer: this is NOT an advert! Other products are available, etc... Something I had wanted to go and see for myself but haven't had chance to until today when I attended Traffex are the dynamic traffic signs in Coventry produced by Swarco. In a previous job, we were considering these for strategic points on the … Continue reading Dynamic traffic signs

“Local” Direction Signs

Blue borders. You either got them or you didn't. These were a well intended, but extremely difficult part of the earlier TSRGDs to get to grips with. They also were all supposed to have been taken down by 31 December 2014, yet they are still everywhere (more on that later). They threw both designers and … Continue reading “Local” Direction Signs

Out and about – the A601(M)

Today I went for a little drive around Lancashire and collected some images of old and new signs, and several of them have caused me to get a bit grumpy due to elementary mistakes that either make a sign cluttered, or suffering from design errors. Instead of just griping, though, I intend to demonstrate how … Continue reading Out and about – the A601(M)

The future of Stop signs

As part of the wider flexibility and moving on from site specific approvals, the DfT have abandoned the requirement for new Stop signs. The justification is that all locations that warrant such signs already have them so there should be very few exceptional circumstances where a new Stop sign should be necessary. On paper, such … Continue reading The future of Stop signs