The case for yellow line reform

This article was edited on 7 August 2020 following feedback from commentators Yellow lines have been with us since the late 1950s, but were first officially codified in the Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions in 1964. The system has evolved over time but it still poses numerous headaches for those seeking to manage traffic. … Continue reading The case for yellow line reform

Come On You Reds!

The Liverpool Street cycleway in Salford is now almost complete. Others have commented on some of the, er, interesting design features of the junctions but this article isn't going to cover that. What has brought about some additional comment is the provision of Red Route Clearway signs. These are not a new innovation but Greater … Continue reading Come On You Reds!

The Evolution of Motorway Signs – Part Two

The completion of the Preston Bypass provided some useful lessons in motorway signing. Firstly it was realised that mounting signs on scaffolding was a bad idea - the final report even goes so far as to describe them as "frankly temporary", and the more familiar tapered concrete supports that lasted until the 1990s developed from … Continue reading The Evolution of Motorway Signs – Part Two

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 6

No, not the old "illumination of traffic signs" item that was never published and can now be covered neatly in TSRGD itself. This is the re-purposed Chapter 6 that will revolutionise the use of traffic signals in urban areas now that the over-designed monstrosity that is the old DMRB TD 42/95 (now CD 123) has … Continue reading Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 6

Height Restrictions and the Correct Approach

Last month I was invited to provide a presentation to the IHE Traffic Signs Panel once more, and this year I focused on a problem that causes numerous difficulties for both managers of highway networks and the railway system alike. There are an estimated 1,800 bridge strikes a year on the network which on average … Continue reading Height Restrictions and the Correct Approach

A Mini-Rantabout Mini-Roundabouts

Not strictly a total signs post this, but recent discussions over on SABRE (and on Twitter) suggest that there is a serious inability to get these features right. This in turn has major safety implications as misuse of mini-roundabouts can cause confusion and thus collisions. Naturally, the Design Manual for Roads & Bridges manages to … Continue reading A Mini-Rantabout Mini-Roundabouts

The Evolution of Motorway Signs – Part One

On 5 December, the Preston Bypass passed its 60th year in service. It started off as a humble eight-mile length of road that many would barely recognise from today, with intermittent ‘soft’ shoulders and only two lanes in each direction. A wide grassy central reservation allowed for future expansion and there was only one interchange … Continue reading The Evolution of Motorway Signs – Part One