Blackburn Sees Red

The problems of urban parking management are well known. There are of course different arguments relating to the 'fairness' of such systems; particularly from businesses who argue that parking restrictions harm their operations. However, the crucial fact that is often overlooked in such political wrangling is that the responsibility of the Highway Authority is to … Continue reading Blackburn Sees Red

Blackburn temporary sign experiment

In Blackburn, there is presently a major gas main renewal scheme taking place at a critical junction on the network. Instead of relying on the usual abysmal temporary information sign mounted on a 1050 x 750 frame, the traffic section have taken an unusual step and provided a slightly more useful sign that offers an … Continue reading Blackburn temporary sign experiment

The much missed “Z Bends” sign

Prior to the 1964 Regulations, a twisty road ahead was signed by an abstract representation of the road ahead curving around; it looked like a rotated Z. This sign was also well known across Europe, although they had largely abandoned it by the 1960s. A rare Panneaux Michelin showing a Z bend, from France. Picture … Continue reading The much missed “Z Bends” sign

Understanding the DfT Traffic Signs Approval Process

As a basic rule of thumb, if a sign is not in the TSRGD, you're not supposed to use it. However, the DfT are willing in limited circumstances to consider authorising a bespoke sign for use at a specific location. This is a pragmatic position, but until recently the lack of flexibility in the old … Continue reading Understanding the DfT Traffic Signs Approval Process

A Proposal to Improve Zebra and Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossing Signs

This article is inspired by a conversation that occurred on the Facebook page for the Society for All British (and Irish) Road Enthusiasts about examples of pedestrian crossings using the wrong sign. I set about asking myself 'how could we improve things'? The humble Zebra Crossing is a rather elderly innovation these days. However, it … Continue reading A Proposal to Improve Zebra and Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossing Signs